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  • The Moment I Become Hooked

    “One more step” I heard Jade, my very first hunting mentor, whisper into my ear. “Now another…stop! He’s looking right at us.

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  • Opelousas Louisiana – SCI Safari Hunt from Banquet - Alecgator

    We ventured out early into the mist covered cypress bog. The humid air clinging close to our skin as our senses were on high alert for a gator to jump out of the water into our small craft. I did not know what to expect on this hunt as the only reptile hunting I had done before was for snakes in the backyard.
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  • Rwanda Africa - Hiking with Mountain Gorillas

    My family and I were hiking through a thick bamboo forest in Rwanda, the mist kissing our faces, the peacefulness of which was in sharp contrast to the two armed military guards in front of and behind us...

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  • Eastern Turkey Hunt - The big one

    The crisp early morning air tickled my face and the darkness enveloped me. I had quickly learned that turkey hunting definitely isn’t for the lazy.

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  • Indianhead Ranch, Del Rio, Texas

    Safari Club International sponsors a number of very well run educational summer programs available to teenagers that provide education and experience on ethical hunting practices and SCI in general. I have attended two such programs, the American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) in Wyoming and the Advanced Apprenticeship Program at Indianhead Ranch in Del Rio, Texas. The latter offers the opportunity for young hunters to learn about all facets of hunting, from shooting rifles and bows, to ...

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  • Southern Ohio Hunting Preserve - Elk

    Darkness crept in with the silence of Death. Vibrations, the adrenaline pumping, pursing my veins, waking the night , sounds of animal hooves rustling the undergrowth, this is what I love about hunting.
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  • Morongwa Bush Safaris in the Limpopo Province, Africa

    My heart raced as I found the Gemsbok in the sight of the 30-06, I told myself to breathe slowly and squeeze the trigger as I had been taught. The adrenaline pumped as the beautiful animal moved broadside at 150 yards, the rifle rested on shooting sticks, and PH, Brad Phillips, instructed on proper shot placement. This was the animal I had dreamed of hunting since my father had told us we would be going to Africa.
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  • Flexibility/First Kill, Africa

    My feet touched the ground as we departed the plane at the Johannesburg airport I had finally arrived on the Dark Continent. I had dreamt about hunting in Africa and I felt like Robert Ruark as I waited for my bags to arrive.
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